UX Research & Design Experience

At the heart of every problem, there's a solution waiting for the right opportunity. Discovering those opportunities through user experience design and research is what I love to do. 

I live for creating and reshaping products to better reflect the needs of users and improve daily interactions, while also maintaining business goals. I believe that collaboration across design, developer, and project management teams is crucial for the success of a product. 

I've spent the past few years honing my research skills and diving into problem spaces as a Senior UX Researcher at Indeed, working as a User Researcher at Microsoft and a research-focused agency, where I have had experience managing a multitude of projects that have made a direct impact. 

I also recently completed my Master's in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington where I had a chance to design and conduct research for a variety of non-profits and businesses. 



Prior to Diving into UX

Before getting into the UX field, I was busy typing away as a copywriter, designing print and digital material as a graphic designer, and managing websites and social media as a marketing and community manager. 

My background in marketing has helped improve my writing skills, which now translates into writing actionable and attention-grabbing insight that appeal to a variety of audiences (from CEOs to developer teams). My affinity towards graphic design has allowed me to more effectively communicate with fellow designers, and understand the limitations and the importance of merging strong visual and UX design together. 

My Process & Principles

My process is based on the human-centered design process, which allows me to uncover opportunities and create or update products with a streamlined and focused approach.


Define the research question. 


Conduct initial research & ideate.


Prototype product to prepare for testing.


Evaluate product through usability testing.


Launch product and conduct benchmark tests.