User Research Specialist Microsoft 

May 2018 - February 2019 

• Conduct user research (generative & evaluative) to improve customer experiences with features on the Windows operating system. 

• Determine the appropriate research approach for 2-3 research projects per month using a mix of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Methodologies used include surveys, user interviews, usability studies, benchmark studies, heuristic evaluations, and card sorts. 

• Communicate with stakeholders and recruiters to ensure expectations are managed.

• Create study plans, moderate research sessions, analyze data, and create reports and presentations. 

• Provide and present actionable and impactful insights to designers, developers, and project managers. 

• Manage projects both individually and with other researchers.

User Experience Researcher
User Research Intl.

August 2017 - May 2018

• Completed 25+ agile research projects using qualitative and quantitative benchmarking and user interview methods for a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. 

• Conducted usability research to improve user experience for a multitude of products that were both web and mobile-based. 

• Designed and conducted usability studies from planning to presentation. 

• Worked with a multitude of user profiles including developers, general consumers, marketing and business professionals, information workers, etc.

• Provided actionable insights and recommendations to project managers, developers, designers, and leadership teams.

Graduate Student
Designer & Researcher 


December 2017 - January 2018

• Implemented a human-centered design and research process in a company focused on creating a platform that allowed scientific researchers to collaborate.

• Conducted a competitive analysis looking at 12 direct and indirect competitors, and performed a heuristic evaluation to highlight the current state of the website prior to a redesign. 

• Interviewed 12 active or new users and 6 stakeholders to get insight into assumptions about the product and see current pain points, which informed storyboards and need for UX.

• Had users perform a card sort to improve information architecture, which led to a restructuring of the main navigation to highlight features of the platform more clearly. 

• Usability tested 3 iterations fo the redesign to refine content and UI elements. 

• Managed a team of 4 to maintain project deadlines and balance workload across the team. 

• Provided insights to the organization to explain design decisions and provide recommendations for implementing research after this project had completed. 

• Built out a design system to improve the consistency of UI elements and branding across the site, and help guide designers taking on the project. 

• Created storyboards based on data and defined 3 distinct user types for the platform. 

• Designed a series of wireframes and prototypes at a variety of fidelities that created a clearer visual hierarchy, distinct UI elements, and more comprehensible copy.

Graduate Student
Designer & Researcher 

Peddler Brewing

March 2017 - June 2017

• Researched and redesigned a local brewery website to improve information architecture, create content more relative to customers, and highlight what made the brewery unique. 

• Created a survey and conducted user interviews to determine what content matters most for avid brewery goers. 

• Guerilla usability tested with customers at the brewery to find pain points on the website through multiple iterations of the website. 

• Had 20 users perform a card sort to redefine the information architecture to be more relevant to what users were looking for and provide navigation in language that was more comprehensible to customers. 

• Designed a series of wireframes and prototypes at a variety of fidelities. 

Graduate Student
Designer & Researcher 
Fred Hutch

January 2017 - March 2017 

• Created surveys and semi-structured user interviews to guide the design of a tool intended to allow providers to screen and refer cancer patients for smoking cessation. 

• Designed a patient journey map to indicate potential intervention points for screening for smoking. 

• Performed a competitive analysis by looking at 5 direct competitors to assess commonalities between smoking cessation apps. 

• Provided actionable insights that showed where gaps in current screening processes were occurring and helped pivot stakeholders from designing an iPad application to focusing on improving current screening methods.

Senior UX Researcher

February 2019 - Present

• Works with the product team to define and create a research strategy to help improve key business metrics.

• Streamlines research processes and scopes research to fit within agile workflows and design sprints.


• Determines appropriate methodologies and conducts user research
(generative & evaluative) to improve employer and job seeker experiences on


• Cross-collaborates and communicates with stakeholders in multiple disciplines and across product areas to keep teams informed of findings and ongoing research efforts.

• Provides and presents clear insights with recommendations that have improved OKRs.