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For a University of Washington interaction design course, I had a chance to design interactions on an
e-commerce platform for a specific persona. Here's what company and persona I worked with throughout the quarter to design key interactions on the web and mobile. 


Artifacts created throughout the course:

  • Account creation on the website (Low Fidelity)

  • Account creation via a mobile app (Low Fidelity)

  • Account creation via a mobile app (High Fidelity)

  • Search an item via a mobile app (High Fidelity)

  • Add item to cart via mobile app (High Fidelity) 

  • Example of scenario and design consideration for account creation on the web 


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  • Simplify sign up, even more, to help increase customer acquisition through sign-ups. My intention was to also simplify the sign-up form to compliment eager personalities that want to sign up immediately and fill in more information once they’ve discovered the product they want.

  • Create a sign up that allows users to stay on the page, so they can be inspired by available products no matter where they are on the website.

  • Create a seamless signup experience that allows users to enter information directly into the sign-up box, so they can quickly sign up and move onto their desired task.




Based on critiques I focused on creating a more efficient and usable way to sign up on mobile by creating the email option experience based on which email apps are on a users phone. Additionally, the password viewer was added to offer an affordance for seeing the text of the password and avoid receiving an error message for not writing the same password twice when creating an account. 


Mike’s looking for a book called, “The Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, & Change Your Life,” after being recommended to it by a friend in his last Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He’s interested in reading this book right away, as he’s eager to put in the work to get his life back on track before he applies to college in 6 months. He heard offers 2-hour drone delivery if you create a new account.


Once he gets home he opens his computer and goes straight to the homepage of He immediately sees the ‘Sign Up’ button and clicks on it. He’s relieved to see that all he needs to enter is his first name, last name, and email because he hates time-consuming sign-up forms. He’s also glad He’s so eager to get signed up he accidentally misspells his email to ‘’ instead of ‘’. The sign-up screen notifies him that there’s an error with his email right near where he entered his email. He sees his spelling mistake and corrects it in the text box. After correcting his error, he clicks to sign up and is happy to see the confirmation that his information was successfully captured. He exits out of his sign-up screen so he can search for his book on the homepage search bar.


After completing a brief competitive analysis on competitor homepage designs and sign up designs, it seemed there was one thing in common. Simple sign ups seemed to be a common theme. Full sign up processes (such as including credit card information) was not included until checkout.