Through my work experience, I have had the opportunity to work both individually and in teams with clients to conduct research that provides detailed and actionable insights for their stakeholders. While I can not go into detail in the interest of maintaining NDA, here is a general overview of my experience.


I have taken part in every step of the research process including kicking off the project with a client, creating a study plan, moderating sessions, synthesizing both quantitative and qualitative data, and presenting to a variety of stakeholders.


I have conducted numerous usability testing studies that benchmark already released products, as well as score the usability of products not yet launched. With each research project, I make sure to communicate clearly with the clients to ensure that all research needs are met and to create a presentation that is most useful for addressing specific stakeholders.

Methods I have used at Microsoft include card sorting, surveys, benchmark testing, usability testing, user interviews, and heuristic evaluations. 




  • surveys

  • user interviews

  • heuristic evaluation

  • ​​card sort

  • benchmark study

  • usability testing



Studies I have worked on have tested both mobile and web devices. I have moderated sessions with a variety of users across disciplines, ages, and skillsets. 

My research has impacted stakeholder decisions on where to move forward with a product. I've presented findings to leadership, designers, developers, and marketing teams in a way that addresses their concerns while continually advocating for the user and highlighting important usability insights. 

I provide insights to stakeholders in a way that addresses the specific experience or interface issue, so teams can quickly address these issues and can reflect back on the report at any point.